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Car accidents are prevalent, especially in Texas, where driving is mandatory. There were more than 50,000 car accidents in San Antonio in 2022. Many car accidents result in injury, pain, or even death. Car accidents can cause whiplash or herniated disks, as well as unnatural confusion and disruption.

Patterson Law Group can assist you if you have been in an accident in San Antonio. Our San Antonio car accident lawyers can ensure that your rights are protected. They will also help protect your interests and ensure you don’t get taken advantage of by your insurance company.

The Car Accident Lawsuit Process in San Antonio

Patterson Law Group regularly represents victims of car accidents in San Antonio and their families. We aim to reduce the stress and anxiety of a car accident.

Statistics on Car Accidents in San Antonio

Recent data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) shows that San Antonio and its surrounding areas have seen a dramatic and alarming rise in car accidents. In 2018, TxDOT reported 42,724 crashes. According to the San Antonio Express-News article, this number has risen to more than 60,500 in 2021. This is a 33% increase over the previous four years. San Antonio’s DUI fatality ratio is more than 50% higher than other Texas cities.

The Most Dangerous Intersections of San Antonio

You might be wondering where car accidents occur with such a high number. Most car accidents in San Antonio occur at intersections. According to the San Antonio Express-News, more than 25 collisions can lead to severe injuries in San Antonio. These collisions are most common at crossroads.

  • Braun Road and Loop 1604
  • Bandera Road and Loop 1604
  • Loop 1604 and Interstate 10
  • Loop 410 and Ingram Road
  • Loop 1604 and San Pedro Avenue
  • Loop 410 and Rigsby Avenue
  • Loop 410 and Culebra Road
  • Loop 410 and Marbach Road
  • Loop 410 and West Avenue
  • Loop 1604 and Culebra Road
  • Culebra Road, North Zarzamora
  • Buena Vista and West Commerce

San Antonio Car Accident FAQ

What happens if a car accident causes me to call the police?

Call 911 immediately if you’re involved in a San Antonio car accident. Accident victims in Texas must report any car accident resulting in injury or damage exceeding $1,000.00. An experienced law enforcement officer can be invaluable in helping to secure the scene and collect information. He will also conduct a thorough investigation to determine who was responsible for the collision. The law enforcement officer will then file a report detailing his findings. Insurance adjusters and San Antonio car accident lawyers rely heavily on this document. But what if the collision was minor? You should still involve law enforcement, even if the crash is minor.

How can I report a car accident in San Antonio?

If your car accident occurred before September 1, 2022, you could call a local police agency to report it. This should be done if an officer is unavailable or has declined to say. You should provide details about the accident, including the date, time, location, vehicle information, injuries, property damage, and the injury. If you have to file your form, it must be reviewed by an attorney.

What Hospital is Best for a Car Accident in San Antonio?

Many San Antonio hospitals can treat injuries. These depend on where the accident occurred and how severe they are. San Antonio is home to some of Texas’s most prestigious medical facilities.

What is the best way to get a police report after I have been in an accident in San Antonio?

You can request a copy of the police report online if it is available by visiting the City of San Antonio Open Records Request Online Portal. You can also request a copy via mail by filling in the request form and sending it along with a stamped envelope with your address and a $6.00 check to the San Antonio Police Department Records Office, 315 S. Santa Rosa, San Antonio, Texas 78217.

Here’s how Patterson Law Group can help you

Patterson Law Group has helped many San Antonio car accident victims to recover from the devastating consequences of a car crash. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you build a strong case for maximum justice. Patterson Law Group invites you to set up a free consultation to discuss your legal options and explain the services we can provide in your personal injury case.


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