Dell Intern Experiences Open the Door to Bright Career Paths


Three interns from Dell EMC were interviewed recently to discuss their career paths, experiences, and opportunities. After graduation, each intern was offered a second opportunity with Dell EMC and two full-time positions.

BOLD Career PathBrittany Bertorelli started her career at Dell EMC with a friend.

She said her friend “helped me get my foot into Dell EMC.” He had interned in the Finance Department and told me wonderful things about the company.

Bertorelli, a senior majoring in Business Administration at Bryant University, felt that having the inside scoop helped her transition to her summer 2016 internship with the Business Operations Leadership Development Internship Program (BOLD). After graduating, Bertorelli worked remotely for BOLD. She accepted a full-time job with Dell EMC as part of the Business Operations Program in January 2017.

EMC initially hired Bertorelli as part of the EMC-EMC partnership. However, the deal was closed during Bertorelli’s tenure. She was excited about the integration and wanted to stay at Dell EMC.

Bertorelli stated that he was involved in the merger. My team worked closely with Dell. I could sit in meetings with Dell employees and talk to them to ensure everything ran smoothly. It was great to be there with everyone.

When she joins the team full-time in January, she’s excited to work with more people than she worked with during her internship. She knows her next steps will be meaningful after being involved as an intern in the Dell EMC integration.

From Testing to Development

Obe Okaiwele (below) started at EMC as an intern in 2022. The friendly environment took him by surprise and made him want more. He now works full-time as a software engineer for the platform network team.

Okaiwele started his career in software testing and found that software development was more aligned with his professional goals. Okaiwele reached out to his manager and University Relations to express his desire for a career in this area.

Okaiwele stated that Dell EMC’s size allows you to easily move into a new role within the company without needing to search for another job. “That’s my story. I was able to transition from one team and found a better fit.

Okaiwele is most excited by the technology that Dell EMC will develop in the future.

Okaiwele stated that Michael Dell visited our office to discuss his vision for Dell EMC and the Internet of Things. “I’m excited to be part of that journey to reach a new frontier and to develop technology for an entirely new industry.

He believes Dell EMC is ideal for learning and improving technical skills. This was one of the main reasons he chose to join.

Opportunities Abound

Lauren Kaufman interned for Isilon Sales in 2022 and 2019.

Kaufman stated that she worked closely with her mentor during the summer of 2022. She taught me how to forecast and how enter all the sales data. That was my guiding hand.”

Kaufman felt freer to choose the work she was most passionate about when she returned from her second summer. Kaufman explored media and healthcare before pursuing her passion: creating a partnership between the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) and a charity.

The Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) was looking for a new president while it was seeking to get more involved in the community. Kaufman’s manager was involved in the WLF, which gave Kaufman an entry point to an organization she was passionate about.

Kaufman stated, “They gave me so many responsibilities; I could take on a full project force.”

Kaufman worked with the CEO of the National Academy Foundation to identify the foundation and negotiate a partnership with the Women’s Leadership Forum. Kaufman’s experiences over the past two summers have helped her position herself well and given her a sense of the future.

Kaufman stated, “Because of my work at Dell EMC, the possibilities are endless.” “They have opened so many doors for me, whether in technology or because they’ve helped me develop my skills, and I’m ready to face any challenge in the future.”



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