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Columbia is a town that has 113,225 people located in central Missouri. It has seen significant growth in recent times, with. Its population growth surpassed that of the entire state by more than 3 percent. It is known as a college town; Columbia is home to an educated population, with 93.4 percent of its residents who have completed high school and 54.1 percent possessing at least a bachelor’s degree. Columbia’s robust cultural and educational infrastructure gives students access to events, music, and art museums.

Schools are located in Columbia, Missouri.

Despite having a high percentage of educated people, Columbia is somewhat limited in terms of the number of public education institutions. The two public higher education institutions in Columbia are Moberly Area Community College and the University of Missouri.

Moberly Area Community College (MACC) has multiple state campuses, including one in Columbia. The website states that more students successfully transfer to Columbia College University of Missouri and Columbia College from MACC than any other institution. Additionally that 96 percent of nursing students at MACC have passed their state board examination, one of the country’s highest pass rates. MACC’s student population at its Columbia campus has grown by 111 percent over the last few years. MACC offers a variety of Associate of Arts and Associate of Applied Science degrees that cover everything from computer technology to accounting for business to teaching and early elementary education.

The University of Missouri, often known as Mizzou, is home to its most prestigious campus in Columbia. It is a land-grant university and the biggest of the public universities in America. MU offers over 300 degrees spread across 19 schools and colleges. The school offers degrees in medicine, law, veterinary medicine, and business, among others. The 35,000 students studying at MU are from every state of the United States and more than 120 countries.

Columbia is also home to various higher-education private universities, including Stephen’s College. Stephen’s College is the second-oldest women’s College in the United States and offers a hands-on method of learning that is experiential. Although the undergraduate programs are specifically designed for women, the College offers online, graduate, and certificate programs for males and females. The cost of attendance for undergraduate students is currently more than $27,000 annually.

Columbia College shares in the mission of teaching the city’s increasing population. Nine hundred fifty students attend school during the day, and 3,300 evening students are enrolled at Columbia College. The College offers master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree programs. The school also has 34 campuses across the country and programs geared to meet the needs of education of military personnel.

Online Colleges in Columbia

Many online schools and educational opportunities are located in Columbia, Missouri. Moberly Area Community College created two online education platforms: Virtual and ITV. ITV courses are offered in traditional classrooms with classes on different campuses that use video conferences and two-way audio. Virtual systems are more similar to conventional online methods that students can take at their own pace using their laptops.

Stephen’s College and Columbia College both have regular online programs. Stephen’s College has an online certificate and master’s degree. Still, it does not have a bachelor’s degree in areas of study such as conservatory training, health information administration, or counseling. Columbia College, on the contrary, has over 800 online classes that are accredited and 23 degree programs that are online, with more than 24,000 students online registered.

Most Popular Industries, as well as Careers and Employers

Forbes has classified the Columbia metropolitan area as the twenty-first “Best Small Town to Work and Careers,” and the city was ranked fifth in its formal education. Living costs in Columbia are 8.1 percent lower than the national mean, and jobs and employment rates are increasing in this tiny city. Many corporations are in the Columbia region, including State Farm, Shelter Insurance, MFA Oil, and Datastorm Technologies. The city’s primary industries include education, health care, and insurance, as well as that of the University of Missouri, the biggest employer.

The investments in research and technology made by make up the University of Missouri, along with the city’s highly educated workforce, have led to the growth of life sciences, information technology, and animal and human health industries in our local economy. The university recently opened the $60 million Life Science business incubator on campus. It is accessible to faculty, students, scientists, and local entrepreneurs.

Industry and education are a team in this region of Missouri. In 2010 IBM inaugurated the Information Technology Service Delivery Center in Columbia, which created around 800 jobs. The city also hosts regional summits with local IT business leaders and leaders from the educational sector to ensure that students in the area are adequately prepared to meet the ever-changing requirements and needs of the industry IT industry.


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