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The gas field is probably the most dangerous workplace in America. A current examination by OSHA found that more employees were killed and injured in the gas field than in any other U.S. industry. The same test unveiled that in Texas alone, nearly 80% of gas field injuries and deaths might have been stopped with safer procedures and equipment.

The gas field harm attorneys at The Callahan Legislation Company are specialized in preventing injured workers. We’ve represented gas field employees and remaining household members of gas field employees who were injured or killed in positioning platform and work-over platform incidents, along with employees who were injured while on an influential website looking after the push or storage tanks.

For over 25 decades, the gas field harm attorneys of The Callahan Legislation Company have fought to guard the rights and interests of injured gas field employees and their families. We know that significant gas companies and insurers may try to avoid paying you the fair settlement you deserve. We’ve been internal of insurance companies. Therefore we realize their tactics. Today we use that experience to fight insurance companies on your behalf.

The Risks of Employed in an Oil Field

Based on the National Institute for Occupational Security and Wellness, one new year found 69 fatalities in the gas and gas industry. Texas light emitting diode the way with 44 deaths. Oklahoma had six deaths that year, and Louisiana had three.

What Types of Statements May Be Designed for a Personal Injury in an Oil Field Incident?

When an accident occurs on the task, the injured employee may frequently make an employee’s settlement state with the employer’s insurance company. Unfortuitously, the benefits available through an employee settlement state are minimal.

Depending on the details of the incident, extra-legal statements can be made. Often there are employees from many companies functioning together on a positioning website or work-over site. If a member of staff from a different company or a bit of equipment from a company other than your company triggered or led to your harm, a claim of neglect can be registered against that company. In this kind of harmful instance, you may well be eligible for the subsequent settlement:

  • Medical expenses in the past and future
  • Lost wages in the past and future
  • Impairment in the past and future
  • Pain and enduring in the past and future
  • Disfigurement

How an Oil Field Injury Lawyer in Texas May Assistance with Your Case

When you have been injured in a gas field incident, you might not know how to get a settlement for the injuries and damages. At The Callahan Legislation Company, our experienced Houston gas field harm attorneys may help you by:

  • Completing an intensive, separate investigation of your incident to determine how it happened and who may have been accountable for the accident.
  • Distinguishing the party or events liable for your requirements for the injuries and the financial methods that may be available for your needs, including whether you may well be eligible to pursue an employees settlement state or even a personal harm state, and whether liable events have insurance protection to pay a settlement to you.
  • Processing statements for settlement on your behalf, including checks with your company (or their insurer) and the state, or filing personal harm statements against at-fault events and insurers.
  • It is aggressively negotiating for a settlement of your declaration that gives you fair and full compensation for the injuries.

Generally, planning your event as if it were going to test; therefore, when the other party refuses to give you a fair settlement, we can supply you with the best possible chance for securing the financial recovery you’ll need and deserve.

Time Restrict for Processing an Oil Field Incident State in Texas

If you can file a personal harm state for the gas field incident injuries, you generally have two years from the day of your incident where to file a private harm lawsuit. That two-year time is recognized as the statute of limitations. The two-year time may start to run once you feel aware of the reality and circumstances of your injury. If you neglect to file your state or lawsuit within the timeline related to your event, you will likely have your form or match dismissed entirely.

What things to Do If You Have Been Damage in an Oil Field Incident

After you have been injured in a gas field incident, you can immediately get measures to help protect your legal rights. Taking these measures may place you in a great place to obtain a financial settlement for the injuries and injuries:

Record your incident with your employer. Record your incident and injuries to your company when possible. Your company will more than likely prepare an accident or event report and will even likely initiate the employee’s settlement state process with their insurer (if your company has employees’ settlement insurance) and with the state Team of Personnel’Compensation. You may lose critical evidence or information if you wait to reveal your incident. You may also provide your company trigger to uncertainty in your report of the incident or the injuries.

File the incident scene. This involves using pictures of the incident scene (if probable and safe to do so). Imagine what you believe triggered the accident—photo warning signals or security equipment. In addition, get the contact data of any eyewitnesses to your accident. If any third events – other programs or their workers – may have been accountable for your incident, get their contact and insurance information.

Get reviewed by a doctor. Even when you don’t think you have been significantly hurt in your gas field incident, you still have to get examined by a physician. You might not sense substantial suffering and other outward indications of harm for days as well as days subsequent to your accident. A doctor performing a bodily examination may manage to recognize any injuries. Immediately detecting your injuries allows you to persuasively disagree that those injuries were brought on by the gas field incident and perhaps not by something different, such as a pre-existing condition. Quick diagnosis also allows you to get treatment faster and enhance your prognosis.

Communicate with a gas field incident attorney from The Callahan Legislation Firm. You will need to create rapid choices about your legal rights and options for compensation. Contact us when probable following your gas field accident so that we can promptly start analyzing your incident and developing your case. We can also recommend which measures to take after your accident.

Common Accidents from Oil Field Incidents

Personnel injured in gas field incidents tend to be faced with an increase in severe injuries than those in different industries. Common gas field injuries include:

  • Burns off from explosions and fires or substance burns off
  • Mind injuries from being hit by equipment or from finding placed during a surge
  • Amputation and Break injuries from being smashed under equipment
  • Respiratory problems from breathing in hazardous gases or substance coverage
  • Attention injuries due to travelling debris
  • Experiencing loss because of the quantities of noise from the apparatus and equipment

How Oil Field Incidents May Be Prevented

A workplace can perform many things to guarantee the security of its personnel and prevent or restrict incidents in the gas field. There is a set of safeguards every company must take to hold their staff safe when focusing on a gas field:

  • Ensure all equipment is often examined and maintained.
  • Proper education for several personnel, whether full-time or contractors.
  • Utilization of anti-pressure products to help prevent explosions.
  • Restrict driving time and function hours to prevent exhausted workers.
  • Utilize respiratory equipment to avoid breathing in hazardous fumes.
  • Proper usage of security equipment such as eye goggles, gloves, and helmets.

Oil Field Parts

There has been a new boom in positioning and exploration for gas and regular gas in several shale fields around the nation. Contact us if you have been injured in any gas or typical gas exploration incident in any national shale area, such as the Permian Pot, Barnett Shale, Bakken Shale, Eagle Toyota Shale, or the Marcellus Shale.

We’re based in Houston, the world’s energy capital, and we can signify subjects of gas and gas exploration incidents nationwide.

  • Texas – From our Houston law practices, we signify people injured on shale exploration websites such as the Permian Pot, Eagle Toyota Shale, Barnett Shale, and Haynesville Shale.
  • Louisiana – The Haynesville shale area, also known as Shreveport Shale, extends between Texas and Louisiana. It is considered one of the most considerable shale-sourced elements of regular gas.
  • Colorado – Power companies, are paying countless millions of pounds going to the shale gas deposits in the Niobrara, Lewis, and Pierre shale exploration websites in Colorado.
  • New Mexico – The Lewis and Pierre shale fields expand into New Mexico as effectively, combined with Leonard, Barnett, and Woodford shale sites.
  • Wyoming – The DJ bowl, which includes the Niobrara shale, is an energetic gas exploration area running into Wyoming.
  • Pennsylvania – The Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania is the subject of heavy exploration due to significant levels of regular gas.
  • North Dakota – The Bakken Shale, also referred to as the North Dakota Shale, positioned in the Williston Pot, extends down from Canada into North Dakota and Montana.

Communicate with an Oil Field Lawyer in Texas Today

If you have been injured in a gas field incident in Texas or elsewhere throughout the country, find out more about the settlement. You may well be eligible for the injuries and damages. You will even learn how our Houston gas field harm lawyers may assure you receive a maximum financial settlement in your case.


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