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There is no need to be an attorney for oil or gas in Houston to understand that petroleum and gas, as well as petrochemicals and refining, are vital components of the Houston economy and have been since the city’s inception. As per the Greater Houston Partnership, the oil and gas industry employs more than 237,000 employees at more than 4,600 energy firms, and more than $50 billion worth of construction projects for facilities are in progress.

With so many moving parts, Even the most careful of businesses and individuals could still slip up. This is where lawyers for oil and gas in Houston are needed. Mithoff Law understands the situations that arise in the frantic energy industry. We’ve even successfully defended legal cases in opposition to those who represent the Texas Railroad Commission, which supervises oil and gas production for the state.

If you’re seeking an expert oil and gas lawyer in Houston who has a relationship with experts and can win cases that have millions of dollars at stake,

Why do you require an oil and natural gas lawyer?

The world of the petroleum and natural gas sector is constantly changing, and lawyers for oil and gas in Houston are required to stay on top of the shifts. At any point, there is a chance that everything could change, either for the negative or the positive side, due to factors like:

  • Legislation that is new or revised at the state, local, and the national level
  • Changes in environmental regulations
  • Natural disasters
  • Cost of oil, natural gas, or minerals
  • Rights of workers, labour or safety concerns
  • The establishment or dissolution of joint ventures, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Demands for supplies and supplies
  • Geopolitics and international markets
  • New technologies are introduced, and strategies

Rights ownership

With so many things to remember when putting forward an argument in Houston, it is essential not to take on justice without the assistance of a seasoned attorney for oil and gas. Mithoff Law Firm Mithoff Law Firm provides you with the comprehensive service you require to navigate the sizes and forms of offshore and onshore claims for oil and gas. This includes but isn’t limited to the following:

  • Surface, royalty, and mineral interest
  • Liability claims for natural disasters (particularly hurricanes and tropical storms)
  • Defective product claims
  • Leasing agreements
  • Titling and ownership problems
  • Fiduciary duty Claims
  • Payout and contract disputes
  • Environmental law and torts involving toxic substances
  • Commercial torts
  • Indemnity and Contamination
  • Force majeure disputes

Pipeline as well as drilling and oil disputes on rigs

As one of the world’s top energy leaders, We keep our finger on the energy and gas business. We are aware of the necessary steps to prevail in your case.

Who is the blame in a dispute

Based on the nature of the matter, any person or company involved in the oil and gas field could be a part of a lawsuit. Mithoff Law Firm offers experienced representation in:

  • Landowners
  • Insurance companies for oil and gas
  • Pipeline companies
  • Companies that deal in oil and gas
  • Providers and contractors

Owners of interest and rights

As clients, we don’t just strive to ensure you receive the most favourable settlement possible. However, we also ensure that your rights are protected. We’ve successfully defended cases that have led to precedent-setting decisions. Our firm believes that a person who understands their rights going forward is a confident client. Let us stand with you.

Be aware of your rights in dealing with oil and gas companies

Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act is among the most commonly used legislation in courtrooms. This law defines Outer Continental Shelf as all submerged areas that fall under the authority of the United States up to three miles beyond the shoreline. It is the responsibility of the Secretary of the Interior.

The Secretary is able the ability to receive sealed competition bids and gives those who are most qualified to start exploration and drilling. Additionally, the OCSLA confers on the Secretary’s power to make regulations as required to ensure that development is within the confines of the Act.

These provisions in the Act could have led to disputes among local authorities, local (or international) oil and gas companies, and concerns about overlaps between projects.

Oil Pollution Act

Through the Oil Pollution Act, the United States outlined the storage specifications necessary to limit the possibility of oil spills and to deal with the occurrence of these disasters.

The violations of the Oil Pollution Act put workers as well as nearby communities at risk of danger of physical injury. Exposure to hazardous chemicals in the air or water could cause persistent or fatal health issues and permanently damage the world’s most fragile ecosystems.

These are only some of the laws that affect the gas and oil industry. A seasoned oil and gas lawyer of Mithoff Law Firm understands the complex nature of produced natural gas, petroleum joint ventures, mineral rights and related fields. We collaborate with industry experts to provide you with the most up-to-date and up-to-date research to help you with your case.

Mithoff Law Firm Mithoff Law Firm: Your Oil and Gas lawyer from Houston

Mithoff Law Firm doesn’t just win cases. We win landmark cases. With some of the best famous lawyers Houston can provide, we have what is required to fight your case to the best of our ability.


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