The Dell Internship Program is anything but business as usual


Dell interns won’t be seen fetching coffee or copying. Although caffeine can make the working world more efficient, Dell’s internship program focuses on providing meaningful experiences that will help interns move beyond their academic comfort zones and into the world of problem-solving. Dell interns have bright career prospects because of this.

Megan Evangelista, a former intern, now works in the University Relations team. She stresses the importance and value of working with business leaders before creating intern positions.

She said University Relations is committed to ensuring interns are engaged in exciting projects and programs. We ask project managers to ensure that interns do not complete mundane daily tasks. Interns should contribute to the greater good of the company and the greater good of the community.

Beyond the Classroom

Calvin Mack (below), an intern in Round Rock’s Commercial Field Marketing Group, Texas, felt that his internship complements his academic work in many ways. He particularly appreciated the opportunities it provided him, experiences not available in a classroom setting.

He said, “I believe in business school, professors give students problems, but then you can kinda tell what the answer should be.” There is no right or wrong answer to the Dell project I am working on. The ambiguity gives me an experience I cannot get at school.

Let’s make a deal

The Dell-EMC merger closed in the summer of 2016. This created unique experiences for interns. Jake Correira (below), an intern in human resources at EMC Hopkinton, Mass., and Rose Glendinning, an intern in human resources at Dell Round Rock, Texas, were both involved in the integration during their internships.

Correira stated that he was responsible for the organisational design of the Dell EMC integration. It was a surprise that such a large amount of work was assigned to me, but it was also incredibly rewarding to have the chance to work on something this important.”

Glendinning was forced to step out of her comfort zone to embrace uncertainty. She was responsible for streamlining the different work streams of both Dell and EMC so that everyone was on the same page by day 1.

She said she coordinated the training of processes, tools and procedures to ensure the HR business partners had the correct information for their business units. “We gave a complete picture of the future and what was to be done in the next few months.”

Correira noted the transparency of the experience, not just for interns but also within human resources. Correira was also part of the group that surveyed employees to see how they felt about the deal and what questions they had. The group also discussed how human resources could facilitate positive change.

He said, “We sent out questions weekly to gauge employees’ opinions on the integration.” “We could use the feedback we received to implement the Dell Ambassador program.”

Glendinning and her team had to ensure that all business units were on the right page for the deal’s closing. However, it was an enormous task. It was also thrilling to be part of the creation of the largest tech company in the world.

She said, “Providing answers to both the Dell-EMC sides on talent acquisition, compensation, and global mobility eases minds,” and “It’s quite exciting to be a part of that.”

Connecting the dots to a bright future

Meryl Cheney (below) completed her first internship at EMC in Franklin, Mass. Her meaningful work experiences drew her back to EMC for a second internship in 2016. She was an inventory control intern and saw how product manufacturing is connected to sales orders.

Cheney stated that she sees all the parts that go into our products. This includes written orders as well as the manufacturing floor. “I was given tours of the manufacturing floor and saw how the products were put together. It was amazing to see how everything worked.

Cheney is grateful for her experiences and looks forward to her future career.

She said, “I’m just beginning out, and I have already learned so many things here.” “I can only imagine the amount of information I will learn as I grow in this industry. “I’m excited to see where the future takes me.”


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