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Oil drilling is among the largest businesses in Texas. This segment of the economy employs offshore and onshore workers to explore crude oil drilling and finalize wells. They also hire employees who operate equipment to prepare oil until the point of shipping to refineries.

However, it is also among the most hazardous. Explosions can occur in offshore drilling rigs and oil wells located on land, leading to fatal and severe burns. Deaths and serious injuries can be caused by poor maintenance or defective apparatus, machinery, or pipelines. Workers who drill also risk falling from high places like derricks. Our Houston Oil Rig injury lawyers believe that something must be changed.

Drilling for Oil is One of the most hazardous jobs in the Country.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees in the drilling sector have among the most hazardous jobs in the United States. Workers working in the field of oil and Gas use heavy equipment. The machinery must be examined, repaired, and monitored at all times. A single slip can cause an accident.

There is a myriad of situations that can go wrong while exploring oil. Workers must perform their job all day long for up to two weeks. This is not only tiring, but the work has other inherent risks. At the same time, employers must ensure that work environments are as secure as possible but navigating the deck could quickly be disastrous. Seamen must often deal with combustible materials by using cranes that swing. Heavy equipment is all around. Steel-toed boots and hard hats are required and for a reason.

Accidents involving oil rigs that cause serious injury are not expected. However, they can transform into catastrophes when they do happen. Although major disasters are typically avoided, smaller accidents can have devastating consequences. Workers in the maritime industry are in great danger of suffering from spinal cord injuries, brain trauma injuries, and other serious injuries.

Common Drilling Rig Safety Hazards and Injury

Oil and Gas is a risky industry. However, the work that rig employees can do is excellent and important. However, the best workers frequently suffer injuries due to poor practices, inadequate training, or outdated equipment. If you’ve been injured working at a drilling machine, you may seek ways to recover your life, find another job, or even have the party at fault pay for medical expenses. Arnold & Itkin wants to assist.

Rig workers, both onshore and offshore, are in danger of suffering severe trauma due to:

  • Sparks from equipment ignite the flammable liquids, triggering explosions
  • Well blowouts, explosions of oil rigs, Land rig explosions, as well as fires that occur in tanks of production
  • Being injured by swinging pipes casings, cables, or even pipes
  • The risk of being crushed by the weight of equipment or cargo
  • The feet or hands get stuck in machines
  • Equipment fails due to improper maintenance
  • Falls from derricks, unsecure platforms, ladders hoists, slippery stairways, and heights that are not guarded
  • Failure to evacuate or avoid severe weather conditions, like tropical storms and hurricanes

Be aware that it is better to talk directly to an attorney about your situation before speaking with investigators for companies or insurers. We deal with hundreds of cases that result from any kind of rig-related accident. If you don’t see the type of accident that best fits your circumstance, Don’t hesitate to call us for more specific information on how our offshore lawyer for rig accidents is ready to assist you in rebuilding your life.

Texas Oil Rig Death Law Firm helping families find answers.

The consequences of oil rig accidents are so serious that many workers cannot return home once an incident. Our oil rig death lawyers are prepared to ask questions in the event of a fatal accident. Although we cannot change the circumstances of the events, we can ensure that families are provided with the financial stability they deserve to be able to move on.

There is no way to quantify how much a person we love was to us, but wrongful-death lawsuits seek to help:

  • The family’s income before the accident
  • The cost of the childcare system and parental supervision
  • A loss in the consortium
  • The failure of the companionship
  • Pain and emotional suffering

If your loved one has been lost to death, you might be wondering what you could do. You must be aware that you could be eligible for a wrongful death claim, a specific type of claim. Some employers attempt to shield themselves from claims of wrongful death by requiring their employees to declare that their family members will not bring a lawsuit. But, even employees who signed the waiver could be eligible to receive compensation for suffering and pain or lost wages.

Rig Accident FAQ: Oil Rig Accident FAQ

What are the leading causes of oil rig accidents?

Oil rig accidents can result from ignoring safety regulations, outdated equipment, inattention, or poor rig maintenance. The work on a rig can be hazardous, with shifts lasting 12 hours and exhausting hours working with explosive chemicals and heavy machinery. Even the trip by helicopter or boat for an out-of-the-way oil rig can be risky. Workers shouldn’t be forced to deal with dangerous working conditions, yet they do daily until they are seriously injured in avoidable accidents. The Houston, Texas oil rig accident law firm is here to assist. If you’ve suffered injuries, let us determine the reason for the misfortune to get justice for you.

What injuries can be caused by OIL RIG Accidents?

A mishap on an oil rig can result in catastrophic injuries. They could result in severe burns, injuries from crushing and drownings, or near-drownings due to rig fires and explosions. Other injuries could include fractured bones or back injuries, organ injuries, head trauma, and limb loss severity and nature of the injuries sustained by oil rig workers depend on the type of incident and other elements, including the nature of work performed and the type of machinery involved, and if the worker was wearing appropriate safety equipment.

What should I do following A DRILLING RIG CAR ACCIDENT?

If you’ve been injured by a drilling rig accident, it is recommended to follow three steps:

  • Seek medical care.
  • Inform your employer about the incident.
  • Consult an attorney.

Following these steps can help safeguard your health, your ability to claim compensation, as well as legal rights. Working as part of a drilling crew for Gas or oil could be risky; however, this doesn’t restrict your rights to receive reimbursement for injuries. We at Arnold & Itkin, our drilling rig injury lawyers, help the families of injured workers receive the medical care and support they need following severe injuries and accidents from offshore drilling rigs and onshore. We’ve secured billions of compensation on behalf of our clients. We are waiting to learn how we can assist you.



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