Verizon’s new Occupational Discounts: How essential workers can save on plans!


Saving a few dollars can make a big difference amid all the uncertainty currently affecting our country. Verizon is offering special discounts on unlimited cellular plans in appreciation of all those who risk their lives to fulfil the essential tasks every American citizen enjoys. Here are some Verizon occupational discounts for which you may be eligible if you work as a teacher or nurse, first responder, or military personnel.

Verizon Offers Discounts All Over The Board

No matter what profession you are in, most of Verizon’s new occupational discounts will apply regardless of your occupation. You can see the pricing links for each page on Verizon’s Those Who Serve page. Verizon says you must approve these deals as the Account Owner/Account Manager.

Customers can get this discount from Verizon’s Start Unlimited plan, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, or Get More Unlimited plan. You can save if you have an existing line with their Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans. These plans offer discounts, but you can’t add a line.

Pricing is variable between plans. The average line price is $10 for a single line, $25 for two or more lines, and $20-30 for four lines, depending on which plan you choose.

Teachers Unlimited Deals

Are you a teacher in K-12 or post-secondary education? Verizon’s new occupational discount is available to teachers if they have at least one registered phone for certain Unlimited plans covered by Verizon. You will need to register as an Account Owner/Account Manager and provide proof of your current teaching position with Verizon. Depending on where you live, you don’t need to present a teaching certificate to receive this discount.

This deal may be more advantageous for your family if you want everyone to get the benefits. Your discounted plan can be added up to four lines. The more lines you add, the more money you will save each month. Everyone can register for the same plan. Verizon allows you to mix and match select Unlimited intends to create the best deal.

Are you not a Verizon customer yet? To register, go to Verizon’s page and choose Enroll to get your Teacher’s Discount. You will not be able to access Verizon’s Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans. These are no longer available to customers who have already signed up for Verizon.

Teachers may be eligible for additional discounts in addition to their Unlimited plan. These include a free Disney+ subscription and Mobile+ Home rewards, and Verizon’s Fios Home Wi-Fi coverage deals.

Nurses Unlimited Specials

If you apply through Verizon’s discounts page, any licensed nurse may be eligible for Verizon’s new occupational discounts. This applies to up to four lines on select unlimited data plans. These requirements are similar to the ones for teachers’ discounts. You must still have at least one registered phone for a Verizon unlimited plan and own or manage a Verizon Account.

This plan is not available to nurses in training or retired. If you are a licensed nurse and wish to offer this discount to your spouse, children, or other family members, there is no limit to the number of discounted lines you can access.

Veterans or military nurses cannot access their nursing and military discounts simultaneously. You may be eligible for other Verizon Fios WiFi-Fi coverage and other benefits while still receiving your nursing discount.

You can apply on Verizon’s nursing page to register for an Unlimited plan even if you are not a Verizon customer.

First Responders Unlimited Deals

Verizon currently offers occupational discounts for first responders to active, retired, or volunteer first responders who work locally or for their states. These deals are available to firefighters, EMTs and EMS workers, and the next-of-kin of first responders who have been killed in action. While some law enforcement officials may be eligible, federal employees, such as Border Patrol, CIA, and FBI personnel, are not. You can consult Verizon’s FAQ on First Responder Discounts if you are still determining whether your position is eligible.

The Unlimited Plans discounts are unique because they don’t start or end with first responders. All standard Verizon cellular coverage plans are eligible for a maximum %15 discount on their original fees, provided that it is more than $34.99 per month. This additional discount is not available to accounts that have prepaid plans. You can only get one discount per person, just like the nurse’s and teachers discounts. This applies even if you are a first responder or military veteran.

You can find more information on how to apply for the first responder discount at Verizon by visiting their general registration instructional page.

Unlimited Military and Veteran Deals

All United States Armed Forces branches can receive discounts on their Verizon coverage. They must go through the same validation process as first responders. These discounts may also be available to Gold Star Family members or next-of-kin.

You may be eligible for additional discounts when purchasing accessories directly from Verizon. You can find more information about the discounts available at Verizon by visiting their Military and Veterans Discounts FAQ.

One restriction in Verizon’s military discounts is that veterans and reservists who have received Verizon discounts from their employers must choose between the current Verizon deals or that discount. These options can be switched at any time via the Discounts by Verizon page. However, you can only access some of them simultaneously.


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